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Extreme speed guardian

Established in 1988, SIRUDA has been developing automotive components for more than 30 years, but its passion for research and development has never subsided, and it has enhanced its production line and technology repeatedly, and was established in November 2010 as an innovative brand under ITE (ING TIEN Enterprise) in pursuit of the ultimate in engine performance for the racing and rebuild car markets. SIRUDA's high quality products and services are as vital, passionate and reliable as a reborn phoenix, and will be your best support to go beyond the limits! 

SIRUDA started out as a tooling developer and has worked hard with a modest spirit and hands-on approach to become the leading brand in motorsport engine gaskets and repair kits today. With its own design, high production efficiency and a well-established organisational and scale structure, SIRUDA has always been committed to its mission: " Continuous production of high quality automotive gaskets and parts, and dedication to serving each and every customer, is our responsibility and goal! "


Quality control to achieve the best performance

SIRUDA has its own technical team and laboratories, which are constantly experimenting and innovating to create high quality automotive gaskets and parts from raw materials to product manufacturing processes. We use high precision steel for our tooling, develop and assemble our products ourselves, and pay more attention to quality than you do. We provide integrated services in the areas of "technology", "service" and "efficiency"







In recent years, SIRUDA has risen to international prominence and is active in the domestic and international automotive gasket market. Our products meet European and American specifications and international standards, and our manufacturing technology is in sync with the rest of the world. From analysis to design adaptation, our technical and quality control teams maintain the tightest specifications, and SIRUDA treats every automotive gasket part like a work of art.

SIRUDA Insists:

SIRUDA insists on giving our customers authentic, high quality automotive gasket parts, never hiring an outsourced contractor, maintaining a highly efficient, customised and integrated service, and keeping a strict eye on quality for you!


The speed Challenge-the racer and the best promoter!

SIRUDA is a brand that continues to live up to its spirit - passion, challenge, and be your guardian in the pursuit of extreme speed.SIRUDA is not only a brand, but also a hobby and a lifestyle. The research and development team is personally involved in motorsport, not only in watching the races, but also directly participating in them, including: straight-line races, endurance races, rally races and the biggest international drifting race in Japan, .......

SIRUDA cherishes every race and every experience we have with the team, focusing on the race and bringing out the passion of the team.From there, we listen to the most realistic experiences and feedback from racers, and this is the direction in which we continue to innovate and move forward.In recent years, SIRUDA has successfully developed high-precision parts for the latest turbocharged engines, satisfying the racers' ultimate pursuit of engine and gasket parts, and has been trusted and recommended by many famous racers, car manufacturers and traders.

Together with you, SIRUDA pursues the limits of speed, and witnesses the miracles and glory that are yours!


Exclusive technology - for your customised needs


SIRUDA's exclusive technology - "surface fluoroelastomer treatment" - can overcome all kinds of harsh engine conditions to achieve a high level of engine performance, with quality and technology up to the standard of the industry's original manufacturers, becoming your trustworthy partner and guardian for the safety of the car body. We are committed to developing more products that deliver consistent performance and exceed speed to meet your needs for the ultimate in performance.

SIRUDA offers customised products that are different from the usual car parts brands. SIRUDA offers a wide range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. The brand has developed a wide range of high performance customised gaskets. In the future, SIRUDA will continue to create new gaskets to meet the needs of different engine environments, providing customers with a higher quality automotive engine performance experience.


Profound experience - creating mutual value from the heart

SIRUDA marketing is in touch with the global pulse, we actively participate in domestic and international exhibitions, and our products are mostly exported internationally, with agents covering the UK, Australia, Russia, Malaysia ...... etc. With our vast experience in international trade, we understand the dynamics and needs of the global automotive gasket market, and our professional products and services are well aligned with the needs of both domestic and international customers, creating countless customer satisfaction experiences.

SIRUDA provides practical and professional advice on both products and technology, and takes the initiative to improve and enhance the quality of automotive parts and services for our customers. In 2003, SIRUDA introduced a highly technical and intensive managed service system to strictly control the production process and product quality, and with years of experience in the manufacturing process, we provide customers with professional and integrated parts supply services; the SIRUDA team listens to customers' opinions and responds to every need, continuously enhancing product specifications to create automotive gasket parts with higher precision and matching market demands.

SIRUDA's dedication and commitment to building a strong reputation have earned us the trust of our partners in the global market.We are committed to the spirit of "not only delivering goods, but also delivering from our hearts" in any trade and cooperation.SIRUDA treats its business partners with care, and is a trusted and recommended brand for car gasket parts by domestic and international car manufacturers, distributors and importers!

SIRUDA Is as passionate and energetic as a phoenix

Pursuing quality.

Excellence through innovation.

Glory resumes!