Multi-layer composite steel-corrosionresistance, high elongation

The gasket is composed of multi-layer composite steel, which allows the cylinder mattress sheet to have resilience and corrosion resistance, and has better ductility; and add HR-180 to the surface of this multi-layer composite steel Coating can better seal the engine room with high horsepower.



Cylinder gasket type-STOPPER

STOPPER is mainly between the multi-layer composite steel around the cylinder bore, so that when the engine is running, it provides high sealing effect; this STOPPER is most suitable for use around the combustion chamber of automobile engines to achieve the best sealing effect.

SIRUDA_GROMMET type of Gasket

Type of Gasket-GROMMET

High-pressure resistantance.Gas leakage through the sides of gasket can be prevented,suitable for use in high pressure environments.

SIRUDA_BEAD type of Gasket

Type of Gasket-BEAD

Due to specially-desigened bead shape and heights,precise control of surface pressurecan be achieved, suitable for use on exhaust manifold gaskets.



Rubber coating material-high temperature resistance, high sealing effect

SIRUDA's patented rubber coating material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high sealing effect. For use in car models with high running horsepower requirements, it will make the engine run more smoothly and in a high-speed engine environment The medium can fully and effectively exert its high temperature resistance sealing effect.



Rubber coating material inspection-SGS

According to the results of SGS standard inspection, the rubber coating material HR-180 used by SIRUDA has high water resistance, oil resistance, immobility resistance, high heat oil resistance and heat resistance, making it suitable for use in automobile engine cylinder mattress sheets or It is the inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets that can better show their characteristics and effects, making the engine running more stable.



Comply with EU REACH environmental inspection regulations

The rubber coating used in SIRUDA's engine cylinder gaskets is fully compliant with the REACH standard set by the European Union, which can ensure the safety of this material.

Applicable Models
    • 4G63T
  • Applicable Models
    • EVO 4~9 CP9A
    • CT9A
    • OUTLANDER I 2.0 Turbo 4WD (CU2W)
  • YEAR
    • 1998
    • 2005~2007
    • 2004~2006
Full SET
    • IFS081520-RZ0
  • OEM No.
    • 1000A493
Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket PART No.
    • IEX080040-RE0
  • OEM No.
    • MD181021
In-Manifold Gasket
  • Intake Manifold Gasket PART No.
    • IIN081440
  • OEM No.
    • MD310447
Cylinder Head Cover Gasket
  • Cylinder Head Cover Gasket PART No.
    • IVC081520-P00
    • IVC081521-P00
  • OEM No.
    • MD372906
    • MD340535
Valve Seals
  • Valve Seals PART No.
    • IVS051520-P01
Packing Set
  • Packing Set PART No.
    • IPS081520-P00
    • IPS081521~525
Oil Seals - Camshaft
  • Oil Seals - Camshaft PART No.
    • IOC081520-P00
    • IOC081521-P00
    • IOC081522-P00
Oil Seals - Crankshaft Front
  • Oil Seals -Crankshaft Front PART No.
    • IOF080532-P00
Oil Seals - Crankshaft Rear
  • Oil Seals - Crankshaft Rear PART No.
    • IOR081520-P00
Rubber Set
  • Rubber Set PART No.
    • IRU081520-P00
Water Set
  • Water Set PART No.
    • IWP081520-P00
Copper Washer
  • Copper Washer PART No.
    • ICS081520-P00
    • ICS081521-P00
Sparking Plug Bolt
  • Sparking Plug Bolt PART No.
    • ISP081521-P00
    • ISP081522-P00
Head Cover Bolt
  • Head Cover Bolt PART No.
    • IHB040140-P00
  • OEM No.
    • 90441-PNA-000
Upper Intake Manifold Gasket
  • Upper Intake Manifold Gasket PART No.
    • IUN040700-P00
  • OEM No.
    • 17115-RAA-A01
Turbo Gasket
  • Turbo Gasket PART No.
    • 1TB081520-RA0
    • 1TB081521-RA0
  • OEM No.
    • MR299686
    • 1515A184